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"Even though I have ridden all my life, I didn't truly understand the art of riding nor the importance of my relationship with my horse until I started working with Kim.  She guided both me and my very forward, opinionated horse through many challenging times.  She saw the "forest" when all I could see were the "trees".  I have never enjoyed riding so much nor has my horse been happier since working with Kim.  She has a great teaching style and I leave each lesson wanting more, regardless of whether we had to take a step back and consolidate or whether we had a breakthrough."

Patty Thomason

"I had no idea when I met Kim Zibrowski that she would change the destiny of my horse from unsoundness as determined by two veterinarians to complete soundness as determined by the same.  Through a journey of correct riding, in a program of rehabilitation from Western pleasure to English dressage,  Kim has provided unshaken guidance and belief in her program of excellence and expectation.   Because of her, I have gained an understanding of horse body mechanics that has made it possible for me to ride my mare again, and for this I am forever grateful."


Jan Glenesk 

"Riding with Kim’s guidance over the past 5 years has permitted me to purchase two incredible, quality horses to grow and develop together with.  'The best gift you can give a horse is to train them properly.'  Kim carefully and diligently ensures that both the horse and rider receive safe, informed foundations to ensure success to the desired levels in an incredibly informative, respectful manner. Kim is truly gifted in her horsemanship talents and always ensures the best for both the horse and rider - she challenges and empowers you and your horse to reach for the stars and safely guides you to touch them! Riding with Kim is truly a gift that both horse and rider should all be blessed with to witness and grow together on our equine journeys."

Neelya Krikke

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