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Social gatherings, riding lessons and clinics, fun in the sun - it doesn't get any better!

Happy Crew.JPG

Small Title

Taking a break after the tack sale

Feed Room.JPG

Love the feed room!

Horses grroming in pens.jpg

Every barn needs a chandelier

Cody Ellie and Santano.JPG

Santano visits with the kids

Smoke summer 2021.JPG

Smokey summer day - 3:30 pm

Heading 1

Sisters say "Good morning"

trail ride.png

Sunset with Maya and Finn

Juan's coffee trailer.JPG

Juan's coffee at tack sale


Rob's Art

Mia shoes.jpg

Mike the Farrier

Our amazing event organizer, Jan.
Thank you!
custom cover.jpg
We love Custom saddles!
Happy horses
"Did someone say, 'treats'"
Fall Celebration2.JPG
Good food - great people
Fall Celebration (2).JPG
Fall Celebration, 2021
pony head.jpg
What's happening out there?!
patty in out close up.jpg
Nick & Santano.JPG
The guys
sipping wine.jpg

A new "supplement" - recommended for horses and humans

Munch at show_Moment1.jpg
Sunset at the barn.jpg


Kim and Munchkin showing us how it's done at 2022, VDRC Western Dressage class with a 69% and a 72.9% (First time out!!)

tucker and steph_edited.jpg

A "moment" with Tano and Taylor

Fleur and Georgia.jpg

Georgia and Fleur exchange kisses

trail ride1_edited.jpg

The lovely Fleur1

Ellie and Diva.jpg

Ellie and Diva

Kim and Krista all smiles.jpg

Horses make you happy!

trail ride3_edited.jpg

Beautiful Fall of '22 - Great weather for a trail ride

Munchkin WD Champion 2023_edited.jpg
Addy and Faustino Champions 2023_edited.jpg
Addy, Kim Faustino 2023_edited.jpg
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