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"Soft hands. Strong legs. Steady mind."

At Sirius Horses, we believe that no matter what our level of riding, or the amount of training our horse has, there is always room for growth.  Clinics provide an opportunity to learn from experts, to view our progress through a different lens, and to watch and learn from other riders. We have a great facility and regularly bring in well qualified coaches.  In addition, Kim is happy to come to your location to conduct clinics. 

Events in 2022

Dressage Clinic, Sirius Horses, Oct, 2022
Norma Jean.jpg
Norma Jean is a top-rated dressage trainer and coach from Edmonton.  She has a long list of accomplishments, including Canadian Champion at the Can/Am Challenge.  She has been a champion multiple times at local, provincial and national events at all levels.  
expert dressage clinicians
This was a great clinic, with riders coming from the Sirius Horses barn as well as from other parts of the Okanagan.  Norma is an amazing coach.  She focused in very quickly on what skills would benefit both the horse and rider.  Her approach is supportive, precise and knowledgeable. Her enthusiasm and energy was there for every horse and rider, regardless of the level at which they were working  We were left feeling replenished and eager to practice what we had learned.  
Western Dressage Clinic with Kim Zibrowski, Oct. 1 & 2 and Nov. 5 & 6, 2022, Revelstoke
Kim was invited to introduce an amazing group of riders in Revelstoke to Western Dressage. Everyone worked incredibly hard, learned many skills and are committed to  continuing next year with more clinics.  Oh yes, and it was a lot of fun!
"Thank you Kim for giving Walker and I more tools to work with! We had another fantastic lesson with you and are excited to resume again next spring! Giddy up"...Kelly
Clinic Western Dressage Kim.jpg
WD clinic 2.jpg
WD Clinic4_edited.jpg
WD Clinic3_edited.jpg

Events in 2021

Wendy Clarke.jpg
Wendy Clarke Dressage Clinic: From Edmonton, Wendy shared her years of knowledge in training horses and riders from the basics up to, and including, Grand Prix.
Working Equitation.png
Trish Hyatt and Kelly Mezzatesta conducted a fun and informative clinic on Working Equitation
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